Quick Answer: What Is Another Name For A Beast Of Burden?

Where was beast of burden?

Pathé Marconi StudiosBeast of Burden (song)”Beast of Burden”B-side”When the Whip Comes Down”ReleasedSeptember 1978Recorded10 October–21 December 1977 Pathé Marconi StudiosGenreBlues rock rock and roll soul13 more rows.

Why is a donkey also called a beast of burden?

Answer. Any animal that helps carry heavy loads like mules, llamas, donkeys are called the burden animals. Any kind of domesticated animals that are trained in doing tasks for the humans are also referred to as the burden animals. These animals are really helpful for the people to carry load from one place to another.

Are called beast of burden?

beast of burden (plural beasts of burden) A draught animal, such as a donkey, mule, llama, camel, horse or ox, that carries or pulls a load for the benefit of a human. (by extension) Any domesticated animal trained to perform tasks for humans, such as a herding dog or trained falcon.

Which animal are called beasts of burden?

an animal, such as a donkey or ox, used for carrying loads.

What does white man’s burden mean?

: the alleged duty of the white peoples to manage the affairs of the less developed nonwhite peoples.

How do you describe a burden?

Here are some adjectives for burden: intolerable and inexplicable, sudden, intolerable and inexplicable, hot and ponderous, heavy and altogether needless, additional, great, precious, woeful, muscular and heavy, undivided and unendurable, superfluous, devilish, huge former, final and regular, red, welcome, cruel …

What is a beast of burden crossword clue?

beast of burdenBeast of burdenYAKBeast of burdenOX39 more rows

Can a female mule get pregnant?

A female mule that has estrus cycles and thus, in theory, could carry a fetus, is called a “molly” or “Molly mule”, though the term is sometimes used to refer to female mules in general. Pregnancy is rare, but can occasionally occur naturally as well as through embryo transfer.

Can you breed a male horse to a female donkey?

E. A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid that is the offspring of a male horse (a stallion) and a female donkey (a jenny). It is the reciprocal cross to the more common mule, which is the product of a male donkey (a jack) and a female horse (a mare).

What’s a French picnic locale?

Answers to clues containing PICNIC LOCALE in crossword. Displaying clues with their related answers, definition of clue, synonyms and pronunciation if aviailable….Clues with PICNIC LOCALE:AnswerClue2.PARCParis picnic locale3.PARCFrench picnic locale1 more row

What does the term beast of burden mean?

: an animal employed to carry heavy loads or to perform other heavy work (such as pulling a plow)

Is Camel a beast of burden?

The camel and oxen have also played a part in human conflict; these “beasts of burden” have been used to transport heavy equipment often through difficult terrain. Camels have primarily been ridden in more arid regions as they require far less water than either horses or oxen.

What inches or liters are crossword clue?

All Crossword-Answers for: what inches or liters areClueAnswerLettersWhat inches or liters arePOUNDS6This solution was entered by a user, please help us and tell us if this solution is CORRECT or WRONG.1 more row

What is the suffix for Japan?

E S Esuffix for “japan” or “vietnam”Suffix for “Japan” or “Vietnam”E S EFrom Japan or Vietnam, for exampleASIAN39 more rows

What’s the opposite of a burden?

What is the opposite of burden?alleviationreliefeaselesseninglighteningmoderationpalliationquenchingdiminutionremedy4 more rows

When was beast of burden?

1978Beast of Burden/Released

What is another word for burden?

What is another word for burden?worryafflictionalbatrossdifficultyencumbrancemillstonemisfortuneproblemweightgrievance221 more rows

What is a female mule called?

mare muleThe correct name for a male mule is a horse mule, but they are sometimes referred to as a John or Jack mule. The name for a female mule is a mare mule. Sometimes females are informally called molly mules. Mule colt or mule filly refers to a mule that is less than 3 years of age.

What is Hinny mean?

: a hybrid between a stallion and a female donkey — compare mule.

What animal is considered a beast?

A beast is an animal — and usually not a gentle or attractive one. You can also call a person a beast when they’re behaving in a crude, savage, or horrible way. There are many types of beast in the world: dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, birds, and fish are all beasts.