Question: Is Tekno Miles Sick?

What is the first song of Tekno?

HolidayMusical career.

Tekno Miles was first signed under K-Money Entertainment.

His first single titled “Holiday”, was released under the imprint.

With featured vocals from Davido, “Holiday” was positively accepted and gained massive airplay..

What is the full name of Tekno?

Augustine Miles KelechiTekno Miles/Full name

Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?

Ray HushPuppiRay HushPuppi – $480,200,000 The richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria goes by the name of Ray HushPuppi. HushPuppi can be regarded as the richest Yahoo boy in 2020.

Who is richer Davido or wizkid?

Davido’s estimated net worth is $16 million while Wizkid’s estimated net worth is $14 million: Davido is slightly richer than Wizkid.

How much is Tekno worth?

Tekno’s BiographyReal nameAugustine Miles KelechiDate of birth17 December 1992Country of OriginFederal Republic of NigeriaSource of WealthMusic, EndorsementNet worth$2.5million

Which tribe is Tekno from?

Igbo tribeTekno Miles Biography Although the Dance crooner is of Igbo tribe, he grew up among the Hausa and other tribes, thus, learned how to speak some of the country’s diverse languages.

Who is Tekno wife?

Rachel Akosua Funmilola GartonTekno, a singer-songwriter, producer, performer and dancer and an Ebonyi State indigene has yet to marry Lola. Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton, 27, professionally known as Lola Rae, is a Nigerian-born singer and dancer of Ghanaian and British descent.

How old Tekno is now?

28 years (December 17, 1992)Tekno Miles/Age

How old is Davido?

28 years (November 21, 1992)Davido/Age

Who is beat monster in Nigeria?

Udoka Chigozie Oku (born July 29, 1992), better known by his stage name Selebobo, is a Nigerian singer and a songwriter. Formerly signed to Made Men Music Group. Selebobo is most known for his singles, “Yoyo’, “Selfie”, and “Waka Waka”.

Who is the richest musician?

Richest Musicians of All TimeElton John (Tied) … Bottom Line: Elton John. … Jimmy Buffet. … Bottom Line: Jimmy Buffet. … Herb Alpert. … Bottom Line: Herb Alpert. … Paul McCartney. Net worth: $1.2 billion. … Bottom Line: Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney grew up in Liverpool, England.More items…•Mar 25, 2021

Why is Tekno not singing again?

Tekno performs at the Waterfront, Ngong Racecourse on 9 September 2017. Nigerian singer Augustine Kelechi, popularly known by his stage name Tekno may not be able to sing again for a while. … “His vocal cord is temporarily damaged due to strain from overtime performance and cannot sing or perform in a while.”