Question: Does Killstar Ship Worldwide?

Is Killstar a safe site?

KillStar has a consumer rating of 3.31 stars from 158 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Consumers satisfied with KillStar most frequently mention customer service and high quality.

KillStar ranks 207th among Women’s Clothing sites..

Are Killstar returns free?

Please contact our customer service team before returning any item(s) to us of this nature. All UK exchanges are reshipped free of charge. International customers will need to re-purchase shipping. … Any promotional items included free of charge must also be returned shall the order be returned in full.

How do I cancel a Killstar order?

If you would like to cancel an order please contact us using our online form or via email at as soon as possible. You may cancel your order within 14 days of delivery in line with our terms and conditions.

Does Killstar have free shipping?

Does KILLSTAR Offer Free Shipping? KILLSTAR offers free shipping for orders of more than $100 placed on the website.

How long does Killstar take to ship UK?

SHIPPING INFORMATIONServiceTrackingTime (days)Standard UK-2 – 7Next Day UK (order by 2pm Mon – Fri)Y1Free International (orders over £150)-14 – 30International Standard-14 – 304 more rows

Is Killstar Goth?

Meaning Killstar does not represent all of goth. Some goths may like Killstar but that doesn’t mean you have to have Killstar stuff to be goth. Thinking you need Killstar to be goth is like thinking you must like a specific band to be goth. There are so many goth bands you can like and dislike the ones you want.

How fast is zumiez shipping?

We offer ways to expedite your order if you need it faster. Economy shipping – allow 5-11 business days. Free shipping orders are shipped ground via UPS, FedEx or USPS. Delivery changes and tracers are not available with Free Shipping.

Does Dolls Kill do returns?

WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? If you don’t like your item(z) for any reason (they don’t fit, have an imperfection, or just clash with your dog) you can submit your return for store credit within 30 days of receiving your order. Click START RETURN below or from your account to begin.

Why is Goth clothing so expensive?

Goth crap is expensive because it’s specific to an image people want, and so they’ll pay for that image. The cheap way to get darker clothes that look good is probably to head down to a thrift shop and see what they have.

Is Shein legit?

So, is Shein legit? The short answer to your question is YES. But some of their practices can come off as unconventional (and suspicious). For example, you have to pay out of pocket for the international return (read Shein return policy).

How long does Killstar take to ship?

Please allow 2-7 days for standard, 1-2 days for Priority Express. Please allow 10-21 days for First Class, 7-14 days for Priority, and 2-5 days for UPS. Shipping is calculated on the total weight of an order.

Is Dolls Kill ethically made?

Yes, Dolls Kill does support ethical practices. You can find additional information about Dolls Kill’s ethical practices on their customer service page here. You can also visit their homepage to see if Dolls Kill has posted additional information on their ethical practices.

Is Killstar owned by Dolls Kill?

Ironically, Dolls Kill was the company to introduce me to Killstar. This Satanic/Wicca aesthetic punk-goth brand has been a darling of the goth and metal scenes for a while. They also have a remarkably good reputation for promoting individuality.

Is Killstar vegan?

This company does NOT test on animals. All products are vegan.

Is Killstar UK based?

Established 2010 – Clothing Company from the United Kingdom; with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.

Is Killstar ethical?

Yes, Killstar does support ethical practices.

Who is the owner of Killstar?

Shoddy Lynnhi everyone, meet Shoddy Lynn, the owner of @DollsKill, praising the police for shooting peaceful protestors outside her store.

Does Killstar restock?

Unfortunately we will not be restocking this item.